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Child Dedication Class on Saturday, January 14, 2023 @ 6:00 PM

At Calvary Chapel, we believe families are incredibly important to God. 
We also believe that encouraging households in their faith is one of our 
Church’s most meaningful missions. Child dedication is an important step 
towards this goal. We are excited to partner with you on this venture and would like to find out 
more about you and your family.

Please answer the following questions:
*Mother's Name:
*Father's Name:
*Mother's Phone Number:
*Father's Phone Number:
*Mother's Email Address:
*Father's Email Address:
*Are you married?
If yes, for how long?
*Do you attend Calvary?
*If you do, please select which campus you attend.
*How long have you attended Calvary?
*When were you saved?
*What does salvation mean to you?
*Have you been water baptized?
*Have you or your spouse attended a Connect Class?
*Do you belong to a community or small group?
If you do, which group(s) are you a part of?
*Do you or your spouse currently serve at Calvary?
If so, which campus are you or your spouse serving?
*Child's Full Name:
*Child's Birthday:
*Does the child have any siblings?
If yes, have their siblings been dedicated?
*What does dedicating your child mean to you?