Hurricane Support Volunteer 2021

We will provide volunteer training in all areas.  Volunteers will be needed when a storm has been identified to come near or over Broward County and our surrounding counties, as well as after the storm has passed.

What area(s) are you able to provide support? (select all that apply)
PHONE HOTLINE SUPPORT- Answering incoming calls and returning calls. Located at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale
TEAM LEAD- Installation/ Removal of hurricane shutters & plywood.(Handyman and/or experienced in construction, able to communicate effectively and lead a team of 4-5 to install/remove plywood and hurricane shutters from residents’ homes)
PRE-STORM SUPPORT-Handyman and/or experience in construction. Help cutting plywood and preparing equipment and supplies for the season
POST-STORM CLEAN UP SUPPORT- Provide clean-up efforts of tree branches and debris from homes in need
Do you have any physical limitations that could come into play when you serve?
Are you willing to: climb a ladder, lift 25 pounds, and/or work outside in the heat?
Have you done any of the flowing? (select all that apply)
Would you like to bring any of your own equipment when you serve?
If yes, please select the item(s) you're able to bring:
If you selected "other" please list the items you're able to bring
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about your desire to serve our community during a hurricane season?
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