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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Group Leader! We look forward to meeting you and assisting you on the amazing journey to lead a group. All Group Leaders must be cleared as an approved volunteer with Calvary Chapel, so there are a few steps to walk through first. Your first steps are: 
  1. Show up this weekend 30 minutes before the service you attend at Connection Point. Ask for Curtis, Jenny, or Deanna and they will walk you through the volunteer requirements. 

  2. Once you've completed the volunteer process, contact Nicole Narine via NicoleN@CalvaryFTL.org to access the Group Leader Application and schedule a "get to know you" interview with a Groups Team Member.
  3. Then we'll get you trained, set up with a Group Coach, and you're ready to go! 
As you get started, please provide your contact information so we can stay in touch and encourage you during your volunteer process.
Vol - Online BGC Required
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