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Kids Conference 2022 - ADULT Volunteers

  1. Wednesday, June 29th to Friday, July 1st | 4pm - 9pm

    We appreciate your willingness to serve at this event! It's going to be awesome!!!

    Pick 3 areas you would like to serve:

    • First Impressions Team -First contact, fixer of issues, greet with grace and enthusiastically engage the children

      Registration Team -Assist with Sign in process of KidsConf for all students and volunteers, including the same day registrations. Help find names, grades, and any information needed within the registration process/ sign in process. Assist classrooms with any check in assistance needed. 

      Small Group Leader- Lead small group time with questions that are given, help with check in and check out of your classroom/ small group. Lead rotations between places, and help watch over kids during each place you are in.

      Small Group Assistant -Assist the SGL, manage and engage students, herd cats, share truth nuggets while assisting in area of need in the classroom or outside of the classroom. Being present is key!  

      Merchant & Swag Team- Assist Registration team with handing swag to kids and volunteers during Registration/ Check in process, if needed. Assist with setup and teardown of Outpost, be aware of sales, as well as use clover (there will be a training), money and any other tool to make sales. 

      Food & Service Team- Assist with serving kids their dinner and making sure to keep an eye out of food restrictions. Also cleaning up the dinner area after dinner is complete as well as possibly assisting other areas in cases of emergencies.

      Games Team- Assist Game Lead in games time. Set up supplies and help each small group with whatever they may need during the time.

      Specified Team (Please only fill out if you have been asked) - This is for staff and theater team and some student leaders and volunteers that are taking specific or leading roles.

6/29/2023 @ 4:00 PM
Fort Lauderdale
Calvary Kids
Vol - Online BGC Required
Kids Conference Volunteer

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