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Celebration of Peace Volunteer - Child 17 & Under

Celebration of Peace is fast approaching and there are opportunities to serve! 

Are you looking to serve wherever the need will be? If so, join us as we serve our community again this Christmas season! 

We are looking for you to shine the light of Jesus this season in various serving roles throughout Celebration of Peace and even before the event nights.  

  • Construction Saturdays 9 am until 1pm starting TBD 
  • Christmas Lights Installation Saturdays 9am until 2pm Starting TBD 
  • Environmental Decor Starting Nov 17 from 9am until 1pm 

If selected to volunteer at this year's Celebration of Peace, dates you will need to save: 

Dec 7 @ 5pm-9pm - dress rehearsal and cast get to experience COP before we open
Dec 8-11 @ 5pm-10pm: Celebration of Peace nights open to the public  

Please list in the comments if there are any times you are not available.  


Email volunteerhelp@calvaryftl.org

12/11/2022 @ 9:56 AM
Fort Lauderdale
Vol - Online BGC Required
COP - Volunteers

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Signing up for a day is signing up for the WHOLE day. You will be receiving your specified assignment and further details via email, so keep an eye out on your inbox. Overall, the most helpful leaders are the most flexible leaders, so as much as you’re able to serve where the greatest needs are, we’d greatly appreciate that!
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