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The Fix Conference STUDENT Volunteers (under 18)

      Sunday, Oct 9th | 4pm - 10pm

      We appreciate your willingness to serve at this event! It's going to be awesome!!!

      Pick 3 areas you would like to serve:

      Greeter Team -First contact, fixer of issues, greet with grace and enthusiastically engage the attendees

      Kids Ministry Team - We will have the Landing and Kids Ministry for attendees children to allow attendees to be fully present in the conference.

      Registration Team -Assist with Sign in process of The Fix Conference for all atttendees, including the same day registrations.  

      Prayer/New Believer Encourager Team - Lead folks in prayer. Lead new believers into next steps.

      Usher Team - Assist the attendees in the sanctuary to find their seats and welcome them.   

      Merchant & Info Team- Assist with basic conference info and assist with merch sales using the Clover system (training will be given).

      Specified Team (Please only fill out if you have been asked) - This is for staff and theater team and some student leaders and volunteers that are taking specific or leading roles.
10/9/2022 @ 4:00 PM
Fort Lauderdale
Celebrate Recovery
Vol - Online BGC Required

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